Vorteile für Pflegeheime
Individuell einstellbare Informationen:
  • Ausweisen des Angebots und der freien Plätze Ihrer Institution (je Aufenthalts-, Pflege- und Wohnform);
  • Angabe der freien Plätze in Zahlen oder via Ja/Nein je Form;
  • Einschränken nach Geschlecht möglich;
  • Autom. Nachführ-Erinnerungsfunktion;
  • Einfachstes Nachführen auf PC, Laptop, Tablet oder Handy.
Are you looking for the right nursing home?

Registration at a nursing home: Search for a nursing home in the vicinity of the specified location

Preliminary enquiry: Request for vacancies at several homes in the vicinity of the specified location from a certain date onwards.

Direct registration: Direct selection of the desired nursing home (without searching)

What is OPAN®?

Online application system for nursing homes all over Switzerland

After you complete the one-time registration, you can filter institutions using various parameters to narrow down the list of nursing homes. By entering personal data, health insurance information, doctor information, etc., you can electronically request a place in a nursing home at any time safely and easily. You can submit an application for yourself or on behalf of another person (relative, acquaintance, etc.).

The selected nursing home will contact you and discuss the way forward.

The selected nursing home will then call you back and advise you, if necessary, as well as answer any questions you may have. You will be contacted by the nursing home within two business hours and/or receive a confirmation message by e-mail. The application will be processed continually on weekdays during normal office hours.

  • Available around the clock

  • Secure data transfer

  • Easy to use

  • Saving time and money

What services are offered?

The goal of any institution is to ensure that the residents feel well cared for and supported. The everyday routine at the nursing home should take into account the previous life stories of the residents and should provide them with the opportunity to start a new chapter in their lives.

Admission to a nursing home can be a life-changing event in certain situations. This situation requires the empathy of the nursing home administration and staff.

A versatile and customized offering of services can help meet the needs of a variety of patients.

The individual catalog of services may vary depending on the nursing home. There are nursing homes that specialize in particular illnesses, such as dementia, etc. or that provide special services for disabilities.

Available rooms at the nursing home:

Residential units

  • Single room
  • Double room
  • an apartment.
  • 1 to 1.5 room apartment
  • 2 to 2.5 room apartment
  • 3 to 3.5 room apartment

Costs and financing

What does health insurance pay for?

Under the Swiss Healthcare Benefits Ordinance (KLV), nursing services are covered by health insurance after the need for services is determined by the nursing staff. Additional services are can be covered under supplementary insurance.

Costs for living expenses, meals, clothing, etc. are the responsibility of the resident..

In justified situations, patients can apply for offers of support from the federal government (supplementary benefits, helplessness allowances, etc.).

The social services at the nursing home or from your community would also be happy to provide assistance.

What does the customer have to pay out of pocket?

In general the following applies:

  • Costs for living expenses and meals
  • Care costs that are not covered by health insurance

Can be taken over in whole or in part by supplementary insurance, disability insurance or compensation fund:

  • Housekeeping services