Vorteile für Pflegeheime
Individuell einstellbare Informationen:
  • Ausweisen des Angebots und der freien Plätze Ihrer Institution (je Aufenthalts-, Pflege- und Wohnform);
  • Angabe der freien Plätze in Zahlen oder via Ja/Nein je Form;
  • Einschränken nach Geschlecht möglich;
  • Autom. Nachführ-Erinnerungsfunktion;
  • Einfachstes Nachführen auf PC, Laptop, Tablet oder Handy.
Are you looking for the right nursing home?

Registration at a nursing home: Search for a nursing home in the vicinity of the specified location

Preliminary enquiry: Request for vacancies at several homes in the vicinity of the specified location from a certain date onwards.

Direct registration: Direct selection of the desired nursing home (without searching)


What is OPAN®?

An online service for the transfer of applications and documents to residential institutions and nursing homes.

The OPAN® online registration system for nursing homes has been developed to ensure as fast and as smooth a care transition from the hospital or home to the new facility as possible. The system stands out thanks to its ease of use, high availability, and advanced technological standards. It is developed in and used throughout Switzerland. These are further quality markers of OPAN®. All referring entities (family physicians, institutions, and private individuals) can freely access the system without the need for any prior registration..

If you would like to transmit information or documents concerning an existing resident to the respective nursing home, you can do so by performing a document transfer. This transmission procedure has been made as brief as possible. It is similar to sending a fax.

Course of an application

Once you complete the one-time registration with your HIN client, you will be assigned your own account where you can clearly see your completed applications and document transfers that were made via OPAN®. Therefore, you are always kept informed about the status of the respective application.

If you would like to subsequently submit information or documents concerning the affected patient, can simply add the application to your account.

  • Referring physician

    Institutions / medical practices / private individuals

  • OPAN®

  • Recipient

    Nursing homes

Interfaces and networking

You can register one time free of charge with a single click using your HIN Client, and you will receive an overview of all your applications via OPAN®. The HIN client must be started in order to open an OPAN user account.

In addition, OPAN® offers a fully (API) or partly integrable interface (UPI) that can directly connect your own specialized software (PIS) with the OPAN® platform. By using the interface, the time needed to fill out an application can be significantly reduced.

Contact our Support to receive further information on the interfaces. Online instructions for the technical implementation can be found here: For software developers

OPAN® web platform