API v2 Dokumentation

This is the official documentation of the OPAN® ReST API. It allows developers of business applications for health institutions and nursing home organisations to integrate the OPAN® workflow directly into their software. Use of the API requires a valid key. The key can be requested by sending an email to support@opanhome.ch and has to be sent as header field "X-ApiKey" in every request. To be able to use the built-in sandbox for testing requests, enter the key in the field at the top right of this page.

The general workflow for using the API is to poll the applications and document transfers resources every few minutes providing the last poll date as "updated" parameter. Specific details of the new items can then be requested using the type-specific resources with one of the hashes returned in the response of the poll request. Changes on the resources are sent back to OPAN by patching the changed parameters. Additional resources exist for specific tasks such as downloading attached documents or finding identificators for resources that can be referenced in PATCH requests.

If you encounter any bugs or notice missing features. Please contact us at support@opanhome.ch and we'll fix/add them as soon as possible.

Easy API usage with Postman:

In order to explore the API and get up and running quickly, we recommend to use Postman our predefined API collection.

Download the collection | Postman Instructions

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